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Glass Car Coating in Delhi


Glass Coating in Delhi has been prevalent for quite some time, but recently, the car enthusiasts and the auto detailers have started to take extra interest in this form of a coating. There are various names by which this product is famous such as nano-glass, liquid glass, quartz coating, and ceramic glass. There are primarily two types of glass coating in Delhi, and they are - quartz silane and silica. The quartz silane coating is more expensive than silica because its manufacturing process is tougher than silica. But, quartz silane overall provides an extra shiny coating and is extremely durable. Silica, however, is less durable as compared to quartz silane coating and is also less expensive.

You have to prepare the vehicle meticulously first before opting for glass coating. Make sure the surface is free from all sorts of scratches, swirls, and contaminants. You can do this by using a car wash first and then cleaning with a clay bar. Make sure to dry the vehicle thoroughly through steam cleaning, if possible. Use an abrasive polishing compound to remove scratches and swirls and then apply the glass coating. The car best glass coating in Delhi involve the use of glass coating kits, which come with microfiber towels and applicators to make sure even the smaller areas get covered.



What are the advantages of Glass Coating Paint?


•  It resists scratches and also provides a high gloss, which gives a mirror-like shine to the paint.

•  It protects the paint from contaminants like dust, dirt, sand, road salt and acid rain and also resists harmful UV rays thus preventing oxidation.

•  It doesn’t bead water and helps them to shield off easily.

•  It helps you to do away with wax and sealants, and you can completely curb down the cost of waxing the paint once you opt for glass coating. To be on the safer side; however, you can apply a sealant or wax on top of this coating to add some extra shine.

•  It provides a durable coating for at least one year and maximum of 2 years.

The normal waxes and sealants may wear off after 2-4 months of application, but the glass Detailing services in Delhi will stay for a prolonged period. It works like superior paint protection and can keep your vehicle’s exterior protected for a prolonged period of time. So, opting for this form of coating is worth all your efforts, time and money.

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