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Ceramic Car Coating in Delhi


If you have invested in buying that dream car of yours, then you obviously want it to look exactly like the way you bought it, right? So, you make sure you carefully wash it during your weekends, and in every few months, you wax it or take the car for servicing to a car service center. But even after doing all this, did you see your efforts going to waste with regular chips and swirl marks on the outer side of the vehicle leading to corrosion and dents? Or does it upset you when right after a good wash your car gets dirty again because of oil, dirt, and grime?

If all the above reasons are upsetting you, then here’s a solution. You can opt for ceramic car coating in Delhi also known as a nano-ceramic coating, which can keep your vehicle to get rid of all these issues. The ceramic coating chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint by creating a layer of protection which you can apply by hand on the exterior. It is a liquid polymer, which doesn’t break down or wash away and won’t require you to repeat the application in every few months.


Advantages of ceramic car coating:


•  A ceramic coating car polish in Delhi is like a premium wax alternative which provides additional protection to the car’s exterior and requires only minimal maintenance.

•  The ceramic coating makes the vehicle resilient, and the surface gets easier to clean.

•  Ceramic coating also protects the vehicle from harmful UV rays thus reducing the amount of oxidation.

•  The vehicle will be resistant to staining and etching because the ceramic coating will keep the contaminants away.

•  It enhances the gloss adding depth and clarity to the car’s paint.

•  It is hydrophobic so, while cleaning, the water will bead and slide off easily from the surface.

Downsides to a ceramic coating:

The scratch resistance feature of the ceramic coating is a bit exaggerated. It can resist small scratches; however, complete resistance to rock chips is a near to impossible task for any vehicle.

Improper car washing techniques or other automated car washes can create swirl marks on the exterior of the car.

Some water droplets can bead onto the car and leave marks of water spots even on the hydrophobic surface.

You cannot eliminate the need to wash your car completely. If you are driving through dirty areas, in spite of ceramic coating, your car will require cleaning to maintain its look. Talk to our experts for the best ceramic car Detailing services in Delhi!

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