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When it comes to water protection, it is often questioned as to what do we exactly do in that? Why does our vehicle require protection from water? What harm does water may do to any car? The main harm water does to cars is water spots. They take different forms on various surfaces of your car mainly on your paint and glass. It then is very frustrating as a car is an investment for maximum of owners and is also a result of savings.

Let’s first understand what causes water spots? They are mainly caused due to left over hard water on the surface of car that is paint or glass. This can be due to not drying the car after wash, parking car near a water sprinkler or mainly due to rain water. This happens as rain water contains minerals and dirt that get accumulated on the car’s surface. This should be taken care of as if there are any corrosive substances in the dirt, it can cause havoc.


How to remove water spots?

  1. Cleaning: The first and easy step is to clean your car. This can be done using any car shampoo ad scrubber. Just wet your car, take shampoo on scrubber and rinse your car thoroughly.
  2. Claying: If cleaning does not help, claying is the second option. Start by spraying some speed shine and gently rub the clay across the whole surface of your car. This accumulates all the contaminants.
  3. Visiting a car service: If none of the above methods help, the next option is to take your car to car water protection service in Delhi centre to seek professional help.

How to prevent water spots?

  1. A good coat of wax above the paint is the first step of prevention. This will prevent most spots from occurring by creating a layer between surface and hard water.
  2. Keeping your car clean on a regular basis. This is very important as regular cleaning will just not allow any water to clog and become a spot on your car.
  3. Rinse your car with pure water. Just in case you have any water spots on your car or your car is dirty, rinse it with pure water so that the dirt and debris are removed at first step itself. Keep a track of this cleaning process and your car will have a long life and always look fresh and new.

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