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Teflon Car Coating in Delhi 



It has been observed that the different parts of the engine require different coatings and the same coating can prove to be detrimental for the engine is applied to all its parts. The coatings have different adhesion properties depending on the composition of the product, the part it is intended for, and the exposure the parts go through. These coatings must be applied carefully and used properly to prevent the problems of peeling and flaking. Different coatings also have different methods of application and the wear and tear of the car depend on the proper application of protective coatings.


About Teflon Coatings

The painted surface of the car is enhanced by the application of a Teflon coating. The Teflon coating is a fluoropolymer and it is usually called clear coat sealant. Teflon coating of car in Delhi is done after cleaning the car thoroughly and it comes with a fair set of advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of Teflon coatings include the material of the coating. The coating is clear and thick and it makes the car surface slippery. This prevents scratching and swirl marks which are caused by cleaning with a dirty cloth or dust. The minor nooks and crannies of the car paint are completely filled by the clear Teflon coating and it smooth out any rough edges. The finished look after the coat is applied makes the car shine stupendously. The disadvantages of Teflon include a reduction in durability as these coats last for not more than 6 months. But the solution to this problem is that the coating can be reapplied at a lower price.

Washing- The car is washed thoroughly to eliminate dust in areas such as plastic parts of the car including the mudguards and speedometer with a mild shampoo. The surfaces are then wiped and dried in order to ensure dust-free surfaces before the Teflon coating service of car in Delhi is applied.
Polishing- Typical polishes are used to polish the car so that the highest level of shine and gloss is attained by the car. This makes dull paints look new and helps older cars gain a better look.
Teflon coating- Teflon car coating is applied after the first two processes and its pungent smell escapes once it dries. A soft cloth applies the Teflon to the painted surface of the car.

Why Motorcoats?

Motorcoats is the best solution for all coating problems. With top-notch Teflon car detailing services in Delhi, we provide customer satisfaction and meet customers’ demands efficiently. We have a team of experts that apply the Japanese Nano technology that is seen in the coatings.


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