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Excess sun rays are harmful for the cars present around since they contain the harmful ultra violet rays and also various other chemicals which slowly wear off the surfaces of the cars. The dust and pollutants present can damage the colour of the cars and fade it with time. The interiors and the seats might not be affected but the exterior of the car as well as the windshields, and mirrors undergo lots of damage everyday due to heavy exposure to the sunrays. It’s always better to be safe and prepared than regret after the car has been worn off of its looks ad glossy exterior paints. Protection beforehand always helps. Thus, sunlight protection for car in Delhi is very much essential in the present date where the temperature is soaring by leaps and bounds.

The best way to protect car interiors is by putting up seat covers, installing windshield sun protector and parking cars in the shade. To protect the exterior of the car, its best to use a coating of either wax or a good coating material which keeps off dirt and harmful sun rays from affecting the car.

Motorcoats has always been a brand name in the field of protecting cars since it is one of the most advanced Japanese nano technology using companies, which not only give better and long lasting results but also promise its customers a very affordable and world-class experience in protection of their cars. The products have been well researched and tested and are proven to match the expectations of the customers in both interior and exterior protection techniques, especially in sunlight protection services for car in Delhi.


We provide online appointment booking services on our website and can also be contacted over the numbers and email id provided. We provide an Annual Maintenance Contract that is called as the AMC which relieves the customers of all the worries regarding their car maintaining troubles. We must be chosen since we do not use any harmful chemicals or detergent products in their cleaning process and promise 99.99% disinfection. We provide a very significant result in the field of glossing and coating exteriors which efficiently protect the car exteriors by using the advanced nano technologies of the Japanese calibre. Our genuine crystal Ceramic detaining in Delhi gives the car a long lasting protection and makes it shine to its full glory without worrying about sun.

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