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The car shampoo wash in Delhi is a service meant to clean the exteriors and, in some cases, the interiors of the car. This might be an automated system where you can drive your car through the car wash. Or, it might be a full-service where you have attendants to look after your car. It is important to use cleaning agents that do not damage the paint and car exterior. During this wash, all the dirt and grime attached to the wheels and outsides of the car is removed by the jet of water. The interiors are also washed at this time.


Why is Car Shampoo Wash important?

In doing the car shampoo wash services in Delhi, we remove all the dirt and grime sticking to the exterior of the car. This dirt can damage the car paint if we ignore it too long. The shampoo acts on stubborn dirt that sticks to walls of the car and loosens it. We cannot remove the dirt by merely wiping with a cloth. By using a water wash, we can dislodge the dirt easily. The car becomes spanking new and you get a shiny new car after the water wash.


How do Motorcoats do Car Shampoo Wash?


We first close the doors of the car and hose down the car to begin the car shampoo wash in Delhi. Then, we use a soft mitt and a company recognized cleaning agent to wipe all exteriors and loosen dirt that is stuck to the tire rims and undersides of the car body. Once all this dirt has come off, we use the cleaning agent (shampoo) and work up lather. We apply this on the outsides of the car and let it soak for a while. We wash the car from the top to the bottom - hood, windows, roof, sides, wheels, and tires, using a dedicated brush for the wheel wells. We clean the mitt after every few wipes to improve the quality of the wash. We pay attention to each separate section of the car to ensure the best result.


Why choose Motorcoats for your Car Shampoo Wash?

Motorcoats has a team of professionals who have lots of experience in caring for cars and in car shampoo wash detailing services in Delhi. We use only company approved products for each car brand. This ensures long life of paint and car exteriors. We love cars and pay special attention to each of them. The special shampoo we use helps preserve the life of the car exteriors. We give you special rates for the car wash because we care for your car just as you do.

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