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Car polishing is the process of bringing a shine to your cleaned and washed car by applying suitable compounding material along with polish. We use a polishing wheel that rotates at high speed to apply these car polishing supplies in Delhi. Here we may clean the wheels and tires first but in case this is done already we proceed with the polishing alone. After rinsing the hood, roof, and body of the car with shampoo and water, we dry it with a soft microfiber cloth. Use a pad to apply the compound. Wash excess polish with water and dry. Now, apply wax and polish with a microfiber cloth.


Why is Car Polishing important?

By polishing a car, we come to see how the paintwork is and whether it needs further care. With this Car Polishing service in Delhi, we remove dirt, smudges, and stains that we might not see otherwise. We protect the paint by polishing the car. This is important since otherwise the paint might deteriorate and begin to rust. Car polishing elongates the life of the car body.


How does Motorcoats do Car Polishing?


We begin by washing and rinsing the car. We dry it and apply rubbing compound with a wet pad and polishing wheel. We use the car polishing supplies in Delhi recommended by the car company because this will work well for the car. We press the polishing wheel into the body of the car to make sure there is a uniform application of the compound. Next, we wash off excess compound with water and dry it. We wax the car exteriors in the shade and buff it. But, for those who want it, we use a car coating compound. This has six times the protective power of wax and is the preferred choice of modern car owners.


Why choose Motorcoats for your Car Polishing?

We give a choice of glass or ceramic coating for polishing your car. We use only the car company recommended products. All our technicians are experienced professionals in this car polishing detailing service in Delhi with many years’ experience in caring for vehicles. We love cars just like you like your car so we pay special attention to each car. We cater to all brands of cars and know what is needed for each brand. We go over all aspects of your car to see anything needs attention. Our car polishing is done perfectly and lasts for a long time.

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