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Car customers should make a wise decision in terms of coating their cars because a single coating for all arts does not do justice to the requirements of different parts of the engine that need attention individually. The knowledge about which coating is best for which part and how it is applied comes from companies that manufacture and apply these coatings. Some coatings are used in engine parts which reduce parasitic horsepower losses whereas some coatings reduce the accumulation of rust on the underbody of the car. But these coatings are usually the coatings of the exterior parts of the car. Car Dash board coating in Delhi is used to renew the interiors of the car and make them look as illustrious as they first did when the car was bought by the customer.

About dash coating

Customers that wish to revive their dashboard and car interiors can opt for dash coatings. Customers that are looking for customization of interiors should also consider dash coating. Dash coating is essential because it gives a durable finish that is very important for the car interior. These coatings have water-based Nano coatings which revive car interiors better than silicone. The dash trim can be deeply affected by environmental factors and this is why dash board coating for cars in Delhi is very important.

Usually, the dash coating applied is silicone-based which loses its lustre and offers a temporary solution. Silicone oils dry out the area they have been applied to and lead to the problem of leaving a greasy residue once buffing has been done. The water-based Nano coatings are not a temporary application, but a complete reroute from the silicone solution. This makes the dash coating look new for years to come and prevents the interior of the car from easily getting damaged. The dash board coating services for cars in Delhi bring life to the worn out leather, plastic, and rubber exteriors. The coating also provides UV protection to the car which is essential for the passengers in the long run.

Why Motorcoats?

Motorcoats is becoming more and more popular in the car detailing industry in Delhi due to its advanced Japanese Nano technology that is meant to provide the shining and long-lasting results that customers require. The affordability and high-quality of adhesion of these coatings are instrumental in bringing the next revolution in the coating industry. The predominant area of interest for Motorcoats is customer satisfaction by delivering maximum durability, protection against harsh weather conditions and stunning visual impact.


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