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Bumper External Cleaningis one of the steps involved in car cleaning and detailing. The bumper is of two types - chrome plated and plastic.  We remove the dirt using water and soap before we begin the restoration process. We scrub the bumper with a steel wool pad being careful not to add scratches to the bumper or the body of the car. For a chrome bumper, we add chrome polish after we clean and dry it. For the plastic bumper, we use a vinyl cleaning gel and use a soft cloth to wipe down the bumper. If there is discoloration, we use a bumper colour restorer to give it a good finish.


Why is Bumper External Cleaning necessary?

The bumper external cleaning is essential to maintain the good looks of the car and for overall cleanliness. Use our car bumper external cleaning service in Delhi for your car and get the best results. A discoloured or dirty bumper will add years to the car. Your car will look old because your bumper is dirty and scuffed. For mild discolorations, we can use a heat gun to get the glow back on the bumper. But, this is not a permanent solution. We have to use bumper restorer products to get the original look back. 


How do Motorcoats do Bumper External Cleaning?


First, we hose the bumper down with water to remove all dirt and grime adhering to it. We apply a mild soap and rinse it thoroughly. In case there is some dirt sticking to the bumper, we use a steel wool pad to dislodge it and rinse it again with water. After we dry it, we do the polishing and restoring work. We use some chrome polish for chrome plated bumpers and for plastic bumpers we use a plastic paint restorer to get the colour back into the bumper. Now, your bumper will match the good looks of your car exterior.


Why choose Motorcoats for your Bumper External Cleaning?

Motorcoats offers top notch professional technicians for cleaning the external bumper of your car. We love cars and have a separate approach for each brand of car. We offer top quality car bumper external cleaning detailing service in Delhi for all brands of cars. We use the factory recommended products for each brand of car so it helps improve the result of the cleaning process. Your car is now looking like a million dollars as it should.

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