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Anti Rust Car Coating in Delhi 



Customers that buy cars with their hard earned money expect the car to last for at least 10 years or more. No matter how illustrious and shiny the car is, it needs an anti-rust coating by the 4th or 5th year of the car ends. The anti-rust coating for cars in Delhi is applied to protect the car from any moisture situation which will ruin the expensive parts of the car. The underbody of the car is the most affected when a car sets out on the road because it is exposed to muddy water, stones, potholes on the road, and other obstacles. These cause chipping of some parts of the underbody and make it prone to rust and other moisture based damages. The rust makes the various parts of the underbody weak and susceptible to further damage.


About Anti-Rust Coating

A thick rubberized paint is applied to the underside of the car in a spray form. This coating is 2-3 mm thick and it provides a stable and long-term solution to the car in terms of corrosion based damage. The body of the car is composed of many metal alloys such as iron, copper, steel, and aluminium. Anti-rust car coating in Delhi can come in terms of corrosion resistant coatings which are applied in all the crevices of the car by the manufacturer itself or galvanized material with rust-resistant alloys and preventive coatings which increase the life of the parts of the car.

It is crucial for cars that travel in coastal areas to apply corrosion preventive coatings because the moisture content in the coastal areas is higher and the additional sea-water proximity is detrimental for metal parts of the car. The salt in the sea acts more of a catalyst which accelerates the process of rust formation, thereby damaging the car.

The underbody is scrubbed, cleaned, and degreased before the coating is applied. It is a prudent decision to leave the work for experts who are masters of doing the underbody detailing because they can get the coating in every nook and crevice of the underbody rather than spraying the coating material.

After degreasing the car, a gun holding the preventive coating solution is used for application of the solution which dries to form a hard coating on the underside and this coating is rubberized, paintable, chip-resistant, and non-toxic.

Why Motorcoats?

Motorcoats is an expert with anti-rust detailing in Delhi with its revered Japanese Nano technology that adheres to the car underside and stays the same for years to come. These coatings are popular and upcoming and display the future of car coatings with our advanced scientific technologies.


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