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The AC vent is the series of tiny openings on the dashboard through which you get cold/hot air. AC vents cleaning in Delhi is difficult but necessary for two reasons. One is to get good, fresh air and the other is to prevent any odours. We clean the exterior and the interior of the vents. To clean the exteriors, we use a hair brush. For deep cleansing, we use an air cleaner product. It is important to manually remove the leaves and other things from the air filter. After that, we spray a mould or mildew disinfectant aerosol spray through the vents. Now, we turn the AC to full blast and run it for 10 minutes. Now, you are good to go.


Why is AC Vents Cleaning important?

Your AC vents might develop a series of odours ranging from that of mildew or mould to chemical odours. You notice this smell as soon as you turn on your AC. This smell is like old socks or a wet dog. In this AC vent cleaning service in Delhi, we use a disinfectant spray cleaner to get rid of odours. Another reason to clean your air vents is because bacteria and other pathogen might enter your AC vent system from the neighbourhood when there is an outbreak of a disease. If you don’t clean your car, these pathogens will stay within the system and prove detrimental to your health.


How do Motorcoats do AC Vents Cleaning?


We use a soft, hair brush to get into the vents at the front in the first step of the AC vents cleaning in Delhi. Using a company approved cleaning liquid (this might be different for different cars), we clean these openings thoroughly. Next, we spray some disinfectant spray through the vents in the front, at the base of the windshield, and through the openings under the hood. Now, close the doors and run the AC at full blast for 10 minutes. Next, we remove the air filter, shake out the leaves, and replace it if needed.


Why choose Motorcoats for your AC Vents Cleaning?

Motorcoats have qualified technicians to deal with every aspect of your car including the AC vent cleaning detailing service in Delhi. We offer professional cleaning and maintenance service for every car brand. This is important because each brand needs specialised service according to its individual needs. Further, we use only car company approved products to preserve the car in its original condition. We offer our service in your town and our service technicians are very friendly. They are experienced and will take care of all your car needs.

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